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Router Planex BRL-04UR

(dla DSL i TV Kablowych, wydajny, wbudowany print serwer USB, dużo ciekawych funkcji)

  • High-speed throughput A throughput of about 100Mbps has been achieved in the following measurement environment *The throughput above is based on the values measured at our testing environment.
  • Internet Sharing Among Multiple PC's
  • Its on-board NAT/IP Masquerading (NAPT) feature converts a single global IP address into multiple local IP addresses, enabling concurrent access to the Internet from multiple computers.
  • Supports DHCP Functions
  • Since the BRL-04UR supports DHCP Server/Client features, it automatically
    1)obtains an IP address from a DHCP server on the WAN side and
    2)assigns a separate IP to a client attached to itself. The BRL-04UR also supports manual IP assignment/ configuration.
  • Supports UPnP (Universal Plug and Play)
  • The product's UPnP feature eases the configuration tasks of network applications used on its network.Various functions such as Windows/MSN Messenger of the UPnP application can be used.
  • VPN Packet Pass-Through
  • The product can pass through packets that are encoded between LAN and WAN via a VPN gateway device. The BRL-04UR supports three VPN protocols (IPsec/PPTP/L2TP) and it enables the construction of a router-based VPN network.
  • Supports network games, enables the establishment of servers on the net
  • Its Local Server (port forwarding) function as well as Virtual Computer (DMZ Host) function which provides static IP masquerading allow the user to play NAT noncompliant network games. The two functions also enable the user to set up globally accessible servers
  • Supports Dynamic DNS services
  • The BRL-04UR supports Dynamic DNS Network Services provided by LLC. Simply enter the user name, password and domain name registered at to this product, and it will automatically update the registered information by itself.
  • Packet Filtering with various parameters
  • The access control parameters can be configured, and the LAN users' connection to the Internet (WAN side) can be fully controlled.
  • URL Filtering Function
  • A part of character sequence contained in URL or URL can be assigned, and access to the corresponding site can be restricted.
  • On-board 4-port Switch automatically detects the two cable types
  • An internal 4-port 10/100BASE Auto-Negotiation Switch provides connection to network devices on the LAN side. Since its Auto-MDI/MDX function automatically detects the straight and crossover cable types, the user can connect up to four PCs directly to the switch without worrying about the cable type differences.
  • Display in both upright or flatbed position
  • Its compact body with dimensions of 100(W) x 150(H) x 30(D)mm takes any little space. Furthermore it provides a vertical stand for holding the unit in upright position.
  • Configuration via a WEB browser
  • The BRL-04UR is easily configurable through a web browser. The setting screen is protected by a password ensuring the full security. Note: ISP's may place limitations on the use of routers like this product or on access to the Internet from multiple users. Please be sure to verify the service agreement provided by your ISP.

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