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Repotec RP-NA2310

(dysk sieciowy NAS, 1xHDD, 2xUSB, 1x eSATA)


Easily back-up your data and share them, this Gigabit SATA NAS with USB is a high-speed, economical, powerful NAS (Network Attached Storage), using the efficient SATA interface and providing an excellent data storage and sharing solution for your small business, SOHO (Small Office or Home Office) or personal requirement. You may also back-up those files from your USB storage devices with pressing the “Backup” button.

Embedding FTP server and Web Server. The FTP server allows users to backup and share files with FTP client. The Web server provides an easy way to share files by web site. It also equips 2* USB ports for your USB storage devices and USB printer. With connection to USB storage, the device shares your files in a more flexible way.

The set-up procedures and operation are simple and user-friendly. The embedded Linux device works highly stable and is affordable for continuous operation.

Opis techniczny:

◎     Supports one 10/100/1000 Mbps Gigabit Ethernet port for network connection
◎     Support one 3.5” SATA HDD up to 400G
◎     Provide 1 eSATA connector on front panel
◎     Provides 2 USB port for printer and USB storage devices connection
◎     Web-based UI for easy configuration
◎     Support EXT3 internal H.D file format
◎     Support one USB backup button to backup files directly from USB storage device to internal HDD
◎     Support FAT16, FAT32, EXT3 USB Storage file format
◎     Auto Networking Configuration Utility for Windows OS
◎     Provides Web Server to create a web site easily
◎     Built-in FTP server for users to transfer files using FTP client
◎     Supports MAC filter & IP filter
◎     Supports CIFS/SMB for Microsoft Network remote users easily retrieve files by using “My Neighborhood”
◎     Provides HD formatting function for new HD or USB storage
◎     Provides Password security for Web management & HD Access
◎     Supports 32 currently connected users (Samba & FTP)

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